The Little Readers’ Club : the first reading club for children in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Many ask me about the activities of The Little Readers’ Club.Basically, it is about the quality time we spend with the members of TLRC , allowing them to read and think, talking to them, facilitating a learning process, which schools rarely engage in. It is something we all missed while growing up. We grew up knowing little about ourselves, about our surroundings and not being observant or compassionate. Much later we learn all these – the importance of our childhood, the memories etched in us and we long to correct them, nourish them and, if possible, relive those moments. By that time, our childhood would have slipped by. When we have children of our own, the story repeats. Isn’t this unfortunate? My twins are 8 years old and I was fortunate to spend every minute of these eight years with them – talking to them, reading to them and doing everything possible to make them happy, peaceful, secure and successful. The Little Reader’s Club is my humble attempt to share this experience with other children. This club is not just for children. The untiring effort of the mother is a significant input, and it is my sincere hope that you are ready for that. I am sure the children will remember and cherish the memories of the time spent at The Little Readers’ Club. That alone is my promise. My source of inspiration Adityan and Bhadra , our twins aged 8 yrs now.


522348_484924181551738_675781751_nLekshmy Rajeev is a poet and journalist working for Niyogi Books  as their consultant editor.She is a post graduate in English Literature . However,her special interests are  Primary Education, Indian Heritage and Culture and Esotericism  . Her poems have been published in reputed literary magazines & journals such as Indian LiteratureDeccan Herald Sunday Magazine , Poetry Chain, The Little Magazine, and websites like www.shakespeares sonnets.comwww.othervoicespoetry.orgetc,. Her translations of Malayalam poetry have appeared in Samyuktha,( Journal of Women’s Studies) , The Journal of Literature & Aesthetics etc ; did a monthly column, “Pebbles” for Deccan Herald Sunday Magazine, on living Indian poets for two and a half years ; she had been Poetry Editor for, the website of The British Council for South Asia, on contract for one year, ending March 2006. Her Debut collection of English Poems is published by the Kendra Sahitya Akademi in 2011. She also writes features in The Hindu, Indian Express, Sahara Time, Travel X, KeralaKaumudi ,Mathrubhumi , Sunday Guardian etc. She lives in Trivandrum , with her family. She can be reached at

Mobile . 8129925024


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