“The poetry of the earth is never dead.” ― John Keats

“The poetry of the earth is never dead.” ― John Keats

By Lekshmy Rajeev

Winners of the ‘Happiness’ contest !

The winners and the candid wishes  !


Joshua John  : I would like to hear my parents saying good things about me ! 🙂

Saraswathy Narayan : When someone says that I am so beautiful in this dress !:)

Bhadra Rajeev : Going to  shop where they give ‘free money’ to buy everything I want ! 🙂


By Lekshmy Rajeev

A small contest !


Look at the picture ! Please ask your children to tell you ten things that make them happy. But remember ! they shouldn’t be things you can buy for them.  Please mail us their list and the best list will be published on the site and the little one will get a book from TLRC.


Please email the list to












By Lekshmy Rajeev

Night Sky watching Month at The Little Readers’ Club

10311744_1510840532477232_6960356334684911672_n for parents night-sky-hazy



The glow of the Milky Way in the night sky reflects off a deep pool along a New Zealand beach in this stunning photo captured by an astrophotographer.

This image is one of two spectacular views sent in to by night sky photographer Amit Ashok Kamble. The stargazer captured the Milky Way photos from Pakiri Beach, which he says is one of the best dark sky sites around the Auckland region of New Zealand.

“When I was out at Pakiri Beach shooting the Milky Way, I came across this pool which was unusually quite and calm,” Kamble wrote in an email on May 5. “The sky at Pakiri is so dark that the Milky Way was reflected so brilliantly in the pool.” [Amazing Night Sky Photos of May 2014]reflections-milky-way-kamble

By Lekshmy Rajeev