A small contest !


Look at the picture ! Please ask your children to tell you ten things that make them happy. But remember ! they shouldn’t be things you can buy for them.  Please mail us their list and the best list will be published on the site and the little one will get a book from TLRC.


Please email the list to thelittlereaders@gmail.com












By Lekshmy Rajeev

One comment on “A small contest !

  1. Dear Lekshmy Aunty,

    Please find my points

    1) I feel comfortable 2) I feel nice peace 3) It is soft 4)It is so nice to dream in her lap 5)she tells us a story 6) she will sing lullaby 7)when she is unhappy we could make her happy by sleeping in her lap. 8) we could say our feelings. 9) we could say what happened today 10) we could ask her what we have to do when you grow up.

    Nivedh .S. nair



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