Young Readers’ Program

Young Readers’ Program

We will train your child aged 4 years and above, to read, write, listen, watch, and learn interesting facts about life around them. At the TLRC, Young readers’ Program , your child will pick up a lot of books, read many of them, listen to still more books being read out, and, of course, fall in love with them. A combination of activities that include writing, reciting, singing, storytelling  and play-acting will add fun and value to the readings. In the weekly two-hour sessions, they will learn to communicate more effectively through speech and writing, apart from developing a more wholesome concept of communication.

The three-month course will begin on Vijayadashami Day 2014 and conclude on January 12.

Classes will be held every Saturday .

For admissions and details contact: 

Ambalamukku/ Kowdiar   : The Little Readers’ Club 8129333104 ( Lekshmy Rajeev, Consultant Editor , Niyogi Books )


By Lekshmy Rajeev

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