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Cute Little Reader’s Club
Designed to be different, this reading club has a lot of takers since the kids have fun while learning new things and even while reading up classics … discovers Gopika from
On Feb 20, 2013
Today’s children are addicted to the latest gizmos (call them screen time – could be TV, Computer, Laptop, Notebooks, Phones, Gaming and so on) resulting in them spending more time with computers and televisions and less time reading. Even if they read, it could be on Kindle!In order to inculcate reading habits in children, Lekshmy Rajeev who is a Consultant Editor at Niyogi books started a cute little ‘The Little Reader’s Club’. When we first hear ‘The Little Reader’s Club’, many of us may want to believe that this is just another library. But this is different from other libraries or clubs.

Lekshmy spends quality time with the little club members, allowing them to read and think, talking to them and allowing them to learn, which schools rarely promote.  “This is something we all missed while growing up. We grew up knowing little about ourselves, about our surroundings and not being observant or compassionate. I think today’s children are not getting sufficient education from schools. Most of them do not have reading habits and other moral values. I saw the same in my kids. This made me start this club,” said Lekshmy.

The Little Reader’s Club was started with 14-15 children and now the membership has increased to almost 40. The sessions are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays. The Saturday session has grown ups while Sunday session has students between five and eight.

Aiswarya T Anish, writer and a 10th standard student of the Trivandrum International School (TRINS) is a tutor at this club. She helps Lekshmy in the club’s functioning. When asked why she chose this role, Aiswarya replied, “I love being with kids and it’s interesting to make them engaged with creative things.” In fact Aiswarya works as a part-time columnist in a reputed US newspaper.


Lekshmy’s first step was to buy some books to start a library. Now the club has reading sessions and writing sessions to develop creative abilities, general awareness, positive thinking, language skills and vocabulary. These young children are introduced to all areas of life they need to be familiar with. The club trains the members to prepare for English Olympiad and also encourages them to enhance their creative abilities like painting, drawing, writing poems and stories.

Every week, the members are given books to read and are tasked to write its review by the next week. Both Lekshmy and Aiswarya share stories with the members and also make the children share stories of their own. When asked about the class, Karthika said she loved the club’s activities. Arjun who has participated in a science Olympiad said, “I love painting, writing poems and stories and the club encourages me to do more.”

The club has a calendar in which the specialty of a particular day is marked. They discuss the importance of these days. They also have a vocabulary bank in which children deposit new words every day. They study these words and are reviewed later. They are also shown videos and informative ideas through computers. Lekshmy encourages the students to improve their general awareness and also helps them to improve their language. The works by all the members are uploaded in the club’s blog.

“I believe that each child should start his/her reading habits from a small age itself. I find these club activities interactive and my child loves to go to this session than going to school,” said a concerned parent.

A new batch was started just a couple of weeks back. The club can be reached at or Lekshmy Rajeev can be contacted at 8129925024.
By Lekshmy Rajeev

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