Dear Parents,



It’s lovely to see all the parents really interested in making their children avid readers. In this context, we also need to be aware of the fact that the television screen and computer games can be turned off, and totally avoided, if we so wish. Too much TV can change the amount of certain chemicals produced in the Brain, says medical science. The hours that children spend in front of screens need to be curbed if we are to stave off development and health problems, experts say. Tough suggestion, I know, especially if your schedule is a really busy one, but this suggestion has to be implemented if you want to gift the child a mind of her/his own. Do mail me and follow the blog regularly. Let us together make reading a peaceful activity and not one that you impose upon the child, because, compulsion often does not produce the effect we desire. No, this is not easy – I am just encouraging you to become involved in your child’s reading habit. And we have to remind ourselves that a good reader makes his/her beginning upon the lap of his/her parents.

Do spend at least 20 minutes reading with your child everyday and see the difference! Do avoid evening TV and invest the time instead in a good conversation with your child.  If you are lucky enough to have elders at home, do bring them into the activity and suggest that they read out stories to the children. May this be a life-changing journey into a closer relationship with your child. Let this habit be a security blanket on their emotions where they learn to turn to you and trust you.


God Bless!

Happy Reading!

Lekshmy Rajeev.

Phone  -8129333104     email

By Lekshmy Rajeev

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