PLEASE DON’T leave the burden to their schools. It is your mission to get your child excited about reading.

READ MORE! Here’s a simple but powerful truth, the more your child reads, the better readers they become.

PICK OUT BOOKS THEY’LL LOVE. Children say the number one reason they don’t read more is because they can’t find books they like. The best way to get a child to read is to give them books they’ll gobble up.

DON’T DISCRIMINATE. Freedom of choice is the key: Comics, re-reading a book, easy books and hard books are all fair game. Don’t say ‘No’ to any choice if the book is helping a child get into the reading habit.

BOYS READ LESS.  Boys’ reading preferences need to be encouraged, not reprimanded.

BE A READING ROLE MODEL. The best role models for reading are at home. Moms and Dads, it’s important that your children see you reading, at least sometimes.

ENCOURAGE children to draw pictures, to share their views on the book, and talk to you about everything.


Courtesy  : CNN.

By Lekshmy Rajeev

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