Many people ask me about the activities of The Little Reader’s Club…….

Many people ask me about the activities of The Little Reader’s Club. Basically it is about the quality time I spend with them, talking to them, allowing them to read and think and learn things no schools will teach them. It is something we all missed while growing up. We grew up not knowing anything about ourselves, our surroundings and not being observant or compassionate.

Much later we learn all these, the importance of our childhood, the memories etched in our consciousness and we long to correct them, nourish them and if possible, relive those moments. By that time, our childhood is gone. When we have children we repeat the same pattern. Isn’t it unfortunate?

My twins are seven years old and I was fortunate to spend every minute of these seven years with them – talking to them, reading to them and doing everything possible to make them happy, peaceful, secure and successful. This is my humble attempt to share this experience  with other kids. I waited ten years for my kids and when they were born, I was fully prepared to welcome them to this world and I feel I have done a good job all these years. The club is the result of that confidence and determination. This is not a club for kids alone, the untiring efforts of the mother is an important need and hope you’d be ready for that. I am sure the kids will remember this club when they  grow up, and affectionately. That alone is my promise.

By Lekshmy Rajeev

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